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Framtidssatsa! is a workshop that takes about half a working day. It gives your team a quick overview of important trends and each team member the possibility to invest fictitious money on the trend that he thinks has the most impact on the business.


The world around us is changing faster and it’s easy to get overtaken. It has never been more important to understand the technology’s new possibilities and related trends. Framtidssatsa! invite to active discussion and increased awareness about important trends and is a fun way to get started with active future scouting.


Contact us for booking. We can be at your office or in our premises in central Malmö.


Technologies & Trends

Some examples of emerging trends and technologies. How will they affect us in the near and more distant future? Let’s explore the answer to that question together.

A typical Framtidssatsa!-day

    • A typical Framtidssatsa! day may look like this
    • 10:00 Intro to the day.
    • 11:00 Review of technology trends
    • 11:30 Future betting round 1 – bet ”future money” on the trend you think affects your business most
    • 12:00 Lunch
    • 13:00 Future Scouting – Finding new signals about technology trends
    • 14:00 Future betting round 2
    • 14:30 Break
    • 15:00 What do you do as a future scout?
    • 16:00 The day is over

What Framtidssatsa! aim for

Framtidssatsa! is basically about creating a picture of the future that everyone in the team believes in and wants to work towards – and then keeping this image alive through constant scouting of the outside world.


One side of the coin involves capturing and triggering energy, appetite and engagement from the company’s own employees, and the other to capture and take in what really happens and probably will happen in the world around us. Both sides win when we make events and targets tangible and measurable, which is what Framtidssatsa! aims to do.

The future…

What does a hospital look like in 10-15 years?


What does the patient’s everyday look like in 10 years? What technology does he/she have access to in the home and in contact with its outside world? How does the doctor’s and other hospital staff working day look like in 10 years? What appliances do they have access to, and what does their meeting with patients look like?

How is the logistics industry changed by the digitisation?


What will be automated? What will be optimised away? How is the balance of the supply chain disrupted when new actors and technologies make their entry? What new elements in the value chain will emerge when other parts change or disappear?

How do our customers’ behaviors change in the future?


With new social, technical and professional platforms and opportunities, new patterns of behavior emerge when needs and solutions to problems get expressed in new ways.


How will our current customers relationship with our product or service look like in 5-10 years? How will their behavior in this context change? What new customer segments may be relevant to us in 5-10 years? How is the playing field for us to change as a result of new behaviors and actors? What drives this change, and how can we best learn more about and respond to it?

To visualize your future bets

An important quality of our capability to bring the future into our daily business lies in being able to spread curiosity and awareness by visualizing and communicating about the trends, technologies and other change drivers we consider important to us. To give an idea of ​​what is happening and how it changes over time, and increases or decreases in importance to us.


One way to do this is by following trends, interesting startups or other changes (technologies, societal changes, etc.) that we consider to be of importance to us, visualized through a ”radar” that we repeatedly ”calibrate” when conditions change in some way.

Future Navigators

We help you understand the future so you can bet on it

Erik Starck

What do you call the intersection between digitization, innovation and product development? Whatever it is, it’s the place where Erik feels at home. Always have a foot in and an eye on the future to better explain and lead others in the present and near future based on how he sees the outside world.

Peter Berggren

Peter is driven by seeing and understanding contexts that affect us as individuals, groups and organizations, seeking this understanding both from what is happening right now and what may happen in the future. Based on trends and technological advances that breed or have the potential to breed new behaviors, conditions and opportunities.

Bet on the future with us!

  • Scouting

  • Time1day
    • One day Framtidssatsa! workshop
    • Overview relevant trends
    • Startups to follow
    • Inspiring and fun!

Most Popular
  • Explorer

  • Time1Future Day + report
    • Everything in ”Scouting”
    • Report summarising the trends
    • Unbundling-analysis
    • Access to radar-tool for 1 year

  • Pioneer

  • month6program
    • Everything in ”Explorer”
    • Help with active external monitoring & analysis
    • Scouting-process with method support
    • Avoid surprises

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